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Will Diet Help Reduce High BUN

Will Diet Help Reduce High BUNWill diet help reduce high BUN? As we know, similar with high serum creatinine, the high BUN level is also regarded as a severe sign for kidney patients. Because the high BUN can be related with severe kidney damage and low kidney function. So patients will try many measure to reduce the high BUN.

Will diet help reduce high BUN?

The answer is yes. Keep a well planed diet can help reduce high BUN level to a certain degree. As we know, BUN, blood urea nitrogen, is the waste product of protein metabolism in blood, so patients need to limit the protein intake and take proper amount of high quality protein, and this can help prevent the production of urea nitrogen in blood. In addition, kidney patients are also suggested to limit the salt intake and take some foods having functions of increasing urine output, which can help reduce the high BUN level.

However, just keep a well planed diet cant help reduce high BUN from root. As we know, the high BUN is mainly caused by severe kidney damage and low kidney function, so patients need to take medical treatment to restore the kidney function.

Then what are the treatments that can help improve kidney function and reduce BUN level?

In our hospital, we use the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which has a long history in treating all kinds of chronic diseases, and there are many Chinese herbs have the function of repairing on kidney damage. Based on TCM, the experts in our hospital make a systemic treatment plan for kidney patients, which is the Four-One Treatment. It includes four main therapies, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy, Maikang Mixture, Foot Bath Therapy.

These therapies aim at dilating blood vessels and improving blood circulation, increasing blood volume and bringing more nutrition and oxygen to kidneys, then it can help repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function effectively. So the kidneys can help excrete the urea nitrogen fundamentally, and the high BUN will be reduced from root.

If you are interested with our Chinese therapies for high BUN, you can learn more in the following article lists, or you can also send e-mail to to get more information.

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