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What Happens If Stage 4 Kidney Failure Left Not Treated

What Happens If Stage 4 Kidney Failure Left Not TreatedStage 4 kidney failure means your kidneys have been damaged severely, and you have about 15% to 29% kidney function left. In this stage, your kidneys will fail to work well, then you will have some severe symptoms and complications with the low kidney function. Then what will happen if stage 4 kidney failure left not treated? In the following article, we will get further understanding. If yiu have any questiins, you can consult online doctor directly with free help.

In order to get what happens to you with stage 4 kidney failure untreated, we need to know the functions of kidneys to us.

Kidneys are two important organs in our body, which can filter blood and excrete toxins and,excess fluid out. Besides, kidneys can also keep electrolyte balance and, acid-base balance in body, and kidneys can regulate the blood pressure and produce hormone to produce red blood cells.

Then what will happen with stage 4 kidney failure untreated?

In stage 4, the kidneys have been damaged severely, if your disease left not treated, your disease may quickly get into end stage kidney failure or uremia, then you may need to take dialysis or kidney transplant to prolong your life expectancy.

With the worse of your stage 4 kidney failure, all the body systems can be affected.

1. Blood system

Due to the kidneys damages, the kidneys will fail to produce more red blood cells, so it can worsen your anemia, and there may be gastrointestinal bleeding and cerebral hemorrhage.

2. Respiratory system

You may get the symptoms such as shortness of breath, deep breath, pleural effusion, etc.

3. Gastrointestinal tract

You may also get the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarhea, poor appetite, digestive tracthemorrhage and so on.

4. Bone

With the severe kidney damages, you may also get bone problems due to the low calcium level in blood, such as bone pain, spontaneous fracture, etc.

5. Neuromuscular system

In the early stage of uremia, you may have isomnia, inattention and memory loss. In severe case, there may be convulsions, illusion, coma, etc.

From above we can know that you may have a bad prognosis with stage 4 kidney failure untreated. The earlier you take treatment, the better prognosis you will have. So we hope you can take early and effective treatment, you can live a better life. Want to learn more about the treatment for stage 4 kidney failure, you can leave a message below, or you can send email to We will give more help.

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