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How Can She Reduce Creatinine 500 Without Taking Dialysis

Reduce Creatinine 500 Without Taking DialysisKidney disease is a silent killer, and you cant find its exist in most of time. However, it progress and impairs your kidneys always. High creatinine is an index that can reflect the kidney function, the higher creatinine level is, the lower kidney function left for patients. And dialysis is most advised treatment for kidney failure patients. In this article, we will introduce a patient story that her creatinine 500 was reduced without taking dialysis.

Mrs. Yu is 36 years old now, and she felt she had good health always, and she doesn’t have any illness history like diabetes or hypertension. However, 2 months ago, she got severe symptoms like fatigue and weakness all over the body, dizziness and tiredness, so she went to hospital for checkup. The test reports showed hematuria and proteinuria 2+, her serum creatinine level was also higher than 400 umol/L, then she was diagnosed with chronic renal failure. In order to control her illness condition, Mrs. Yu chose to take oral Chinese medicine in local hospital. However, her creatinine increased to 500 umol/L withint only 2 weeks.

So Mrs. Yu decided to come to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital and get the systematic Chinese treatment. When she just came to hospital, doctor made systematic checkups for her condition, the CT scan showed that she has deveoped into fibrosis process, both of her kidneys have shrunk. Besides, due to kidney failure, Mrs. Yu also had other severe complications, like renal anemia, hypertension, high uric acid, etc, and her serum creatinine level has increased to 557 umol/L. If her disease cant be controlled prompt, she may need to take dialysis soon.

After analyzing her illness condition, our expert team held expert consultation, and made a systematic treatment plan for her own case. The featured treatment is known as Toxin-Removing Treatment, which is based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and there are various Chinese therapies included, such as foot bath, full bath, oral Chinese medicine, hot compress therapy, etc. These therapies aim at removing toxins out from blood and clear blood pollution, and it can also repair damaged kidney tissues and stop progression of further kidney damage.

After taking treatment for about 2 weeks, her serum creatinine level reduced to 439 umol/L without taking dialysis. In addition, her anemia and high uric acid also get great improvements. Mrs. Yu was so satisfied with her curative effects, and she said she will take continue treatment to improve her condition. We also believe that Toxin-Removing Treatment can help her live a normal life and she can avoid dialysis in her life. If you want to learn more details of the treatment for her disease, send e-mail to, or contact whatsapp +8613633219293.

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