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What are the Clinical Symptoms of Purpura Nephritis

What are the Clinical Symptoms of Purpura NephritisPurpura Nephritis is a complication of Henoch-Schonlein Purpura. And in clinical, it can does great harm to the kidneys, or even Kidney Failure in severe case. Therefore, knowing something about the symptoms is very important to diagnose and treat the disease.

Skin problems

The most obvious symptoms of Purpura Nephritis patients is the purpura, which usually happen in the lower limbs or near the hip, and usually they are symmetrically placed in different sizes. A few can have itching skin, small urticaria or erythema in face and other parts of the body.

Abnormal urine

As the decrease of GFR, the kidneys will fail to work as normal. As a result, patients will have protein or blood n urine. And this is usually because of the occurrence of protein or red blood cells in the urine.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure caused by Purpura makes up about 20 to 40 percent of all. Usually, patients can suffer from a slight rise of blood pressure, which can make influence to the prognosis of kidney disease.

Abdomen pain

About two thirds of the patients can feel paroxysmal colic or persistent dull pain in abdomen. In addition, they can also suffer from nausea and vomiting.

Articular problems

Patients with Purpura Nephritis can suffer from a single or multiple wandering joint pain or swelling, or arthritis in the knees, ankles and hands. So, patients should pay attention to prevent it in the daily life.

Besides, a few patients may have enlargement of lymph gland, liver or kidneys. And if the disease progresses gradually, convulsion, paralysis and coma are all likely to happen.

The above is the introduction about the common clinical symptoms of Purpura Nephritis. And if you suffer from a few or more of them, please tell your private doctor and take treatment as soon as possible. Also, you can email or talk to our Live Doctor and we will help you.

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